Sharad Tandon

Dedication is the key to success!
Sharad Tandon, is one of India's leading textile Technologist. A textile engineer by qualification from Mumbai; he has accumulated vast hands on experience in various sizes of units. From small decentralised units to big corporate. The basic technical knowledge and clarity of concepts combined with an emphasis of making money from the business marks the difference. Use of technology rather than focus on just technology has enabled him to make commercial viability a reality in today's competitive environment.

From planning turnkey projects right from conceptualisation stage to implementation and post operative stabilisation to reorganisation of business models, and realising hidden potentials within organisations, helping units to realign to the goal of customer happiness and service; all this with focus and emphasis on the bottom line.

He is an expert in management systems and man power utilisations with several unique modules designed and implemented for varying needs and sizes of units. Conducting training courses for owners and Directors gives him the capacity to organise top to bottom comprehensive training programmes.

Interest in academia and a desire to share his professional knowledge has led him to write number of articles and well acclaimed papers. He is associated with many organisations in advisory capacity.

An alumni of SASMIRA he plays a leading role in the Sasmira Alumni Association.

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